It's difficult to know what to write this evening as today brought the news we feared in the sad loss of author and broadcaster, Michael Mosley. 

For someone so vibrant and healthy, who, through almost a dozen books and a strong and engaging media presence, had urged us all to live well, to have met such a shocking, tragic and seemingly unnecessary death is difficult to take on board. A sequence of small but bad decisions, apparently, led to him being exposed and vulnerable in an unforgiving landscape. 

Even though few of us knew him personally, his disappearance was felt keenly by so many. 

'Radio at its best makes you feel like its presenters are friends,' says broadcaster, Emma Barnett.

And the comments posted on social media since he went missing have confirmed our impressions that he was a warm, generous, genuine man who was also a brilliant communicator, able to make complex subjects simple. 

His books about adopting better lifestyle habits, losing weight and a healthier diet have literally changed lives.

Former Labour MP Tom Watson who overcame diabetes through following Michael Mosley's books, says of the man: 'Through courageous, science-based journalism, Michael Mosley has helped thousands of people get well and healthy. I'm one of them. He was a hero to me.'

What an extraordinary contribution to have made and what a legacy to leave. 

As one commentator, educational speaker Alison Kriel, said on X: 'He taught us about the importance of wellbeing and taking care of ourselves. And now he's teaching us how short life can be, and how easily it can be taken from us. In his memory let's embrace each day and strive to live our best lives fully (and healthily).'

Thank you for reading.