Well, that's a month of lockdown done. I hope you're coping well and finding comfort in a new routine, staying connected with friends and family in mew ways.

With more of the same for the time being, it's vital that we stay well and safe, of course, but perhaps, little by little, we can begin to take stock and think about what we're gaining, what we're learning from this experience.

Are you filling your diary with Zoom meetings instead of dinner dates? Are you ordering clothes and nick-nacks online instead of going to the high street? Or are you thinking, actually I like a bit more space, and fewer 'things'?

It's important we don't judge each other, and focus on being kind, to ourselves and to others, in this. We are all responding differently at different times. A book that has helped me with this over the years, and which I have turned to again this week is 'Quiet' by Susan Cain.

Some of us are still finding our ability to concentrate is still fluctuating I think. So why not try some poetry?

I remember several years ago, listening to 'Desert Island Discs' and hearing someone very respected and high profile who, due to her pressured role and busy life didn't have time or inclination to read fiction, or non-fiction. But, recognising the importance of literature, she made sure she always had a book of poetry to hand - beside her bed or in her bag for train commutes. She commented on how poetry was so succinct that it didn't requite a huge investment in time or concentration, but contributed powerfully in providing comfort, inspiration and meaning.

My go-to poets are Ted Hughes for the natural world and UA Fanthorpe who left teaching to work as a hospital clerk and used her observations of life in that environment to inform her writing. Whose poetry do you enjoy most? Or perhaps pick up an anthology and see what speaks to you...