We have a few more days to get used to wearing a face mask before their mandatory use in shops at the weekend.

While we all recognise we must do what we can to prevent infection, 'the new normal' continues to prove a challenge.

People are difficult to recognise when half their face is obscured and eyes don't seem to smile so readily when we are deprived of other facial clues.

We may need to find different ways to communicate our emotions, and to anunciate more clearly, in these coming weeks, so what of actors who are far more familiar with putting on a mask of another sort, each time they adopt a new role?

David and Jessica Oyelowo were interviewed in their home in Los Angeles today for Holy Trinity Brompton church in London.

You may know David for his extraordinary roles as Dr Martin Luther King in 'Selma', and leading roles in 'Lincoln', 'The Butler' and 'A United Kingdom', as well as 'Spooks' and the BBC's 'Les Miserables'. His wife, Jessica is also a successful tv and film actress, and grew up in Woodbridge.

They were speaking about their marriage, their acting roles, their careers and their strong Christian faith, but also the power of storytelling in challenging attitudes, particularly regarding racism.

It's a fascinating, entertaining, challenging and inspiring conversation. Do look it up here - you'll find their two-part interview starts first at 8 minutes and then 32 minutes into the programme. You can also view 'Selma' on BBC iplayer here.

So what mask will you choose to wear, and where will you get it? Medical or building supplies were running low early in lockdown, so those nifty with a sewing machine were making snazzy designs from fabric stashes, wanting only thanks or a donation to charity for their trouble. Of course now the fashion houses have brought out their ranges, and the purchase price has become not inconsiderable.

There have been various business opportunities during this testing time, so a short book on entrepreneurship - 'Anything You Want' by Derek Sivers - is my recommended title this week!

Whether our jobs are safe or have come to a sudden end, many of us have had time to reflect during lockdown, so if you are thinking on life taking a different path, whether or not that means starting a business, this book is well worth a read.