Whether or not you marked the Coronation this weekend, I hope, like me, you've enjoyed seeing bunting fluttering in the spring sunshine (after the rain) in our towns and villages. And the event itself I thought was another example of pomp and pageantry done beautifully.

I love the teamwork involved in big events. The soldiers managing their skittish horses, the children holding the trains, the thousands of service personnel all marching in time from one instruction, how everyone knew their place and where they should be at what time. And I loved watching the bishops as they kept ferreting into their vestments or down the sides of their chairs to whip out another cue card for the King or Archbishop to recite for the next line in the proceedings. It's wonderful to see how everyone worked together to present their contribution to the whole occasion.

On a much, much smaller scale(!) I have the organisation of an author event to consider in this coming week. Will you be joining us? It's Thursday evening and it will be another celebratory occasion as we meet novelist Kate Sawyer on the day her book 'This Family' is published. If you've joined us at an author event before, you'll know that these are always interesting, stimulating and enjoyable evenings, so I hope you'll buy your ticket here and come along. 

And two of our book group members are taking part in the final rehearsals for their performances later this month. Sarah Atkins and Jill Alexandrou are starring in the Deben Players' production of Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution in Woodbridge on 17-20 May. Perhaps you'll join me in cheering them on! 

Thank you for reading.