Not long to go now: next Sunday is Christmas Eve!

I'm not signing off just yet - I'm planning to send another newsletter to wish you well for the big day (though my recommendations might leave you hoping for a book token in the parcels under the tree).

Hopefully by this time next week, all the preparations will be complete and we'll be looking forward to spending the day just as we have in years gone past.

It's fun finding out about the different traditions and rituals families adopt, isn't it - when the presents get opened, the annual board game marathon, jigsaws, the King's Speech... This year I'm thinking of introducing a new one. 

It's called Jólabókaflóð. 

I know. It's Icelandic. You pronounce it 'yoh luh boh kuh flawd' apparently.

I've heard about it before and it seems to be quite popular in magazines and newspapers this year. But there's a lovely description of it on the Arctic Adventures website here

It's an Icelandic tradition where on the night before Christmas, you give and receive new books, and read and share stories together.

Doesn't that sound wonderful? People often say to me that it's all very well my giving out recommendations and running author events, but really they'd like me to provide them with time to read all these books.

Well, this is it! Light a fire, put on some beautiful Christmas music (I'm thinking Carols from King's rather than Noddy Holder), make some hot chocolate or put out some special beers (traditional for this night in Iceland apparently), and gather friends or family (or the cat) for some restful and magical reading, whether in silence or taking it turns to read aloud. I can't wait!

Thank you for reading.