Thank you to everyone who came along to hear Sarah Langford speak about 'Rooted' the other day. I understand some of you are well into your second reading of the book! I hope that you're enjoying some good conversations as a result. There's plenty in it to set us all thinking and talking.

So I was interested to read a blog by the American author, marketeer and businessman, Seth Godin a few days ago who commented about the value of books in encouraging debate.

"Books used to be a solitary endeavour," he says. "Ironically, it took...the noise of the web to flip that idea upside down.

"Now a book is a totem, a chance to share, an item to be discussed, a physical instantiation of an idea that can be drawn on, exchanged or simply sit on your desk.

"Because the book is complete, coherent and represents a moment in time. Because a book can create a conversation and an event." 

We'll be taking part in another conversation in a week's time when it's our monthly book group meeting, the last one of the summer. We'll be discussing 'O Caledonia' by Elspeth Barker on Monday 25th July. If you'd like to come along, please let me know by replying to this email and I'll send you the details. 

Thank you for reading.