After all that has been happening nationally and internationally in the past week, perhaps we should turn our thoughts instead to...the weather!?

Yesterday's warm, bright sunshine certainly lifted my spirits and the days are getting noticeably longer now too. It's a welcome reminder that winter will pass.

In my reading this week, I was pleased to find books which offered hope and promise.

Women writing in '100 voices' shared their experiences of bringing about change in their lives, and it urged me to think about introducing small positive actions in my life - even writing letters more regularly to friends who enjoy receiving a personal message in the post.

And 'The Comet' is a beautiful picture book for young readers who might be experiencing an upheaval, giving them solace and the promise of a positive way forward.

There will be an opportunity to share our reading treasures tomorrow, when it's our book group meeting in Woodbridge.

We will be keeping to our existing measures regarding ventilation, distancing and masks, and I hope that you will feel comfortable to come along to discuss 'Mayflies' by Andrew O'Hagan.

I need to ensure we have everything in place ahead of the meeting so would be grateful if you would reply to this email by 10am tomorrow at the latest to let me know if you are joining us, and I'll send you all the details.

Thank you for reading!