How often do we get the chance, or make the choice, to do nothing? What would we do with that time anyway?  

Life is busy and we are bombarded with stimuli in the form of television, radio, social media, the seemingly ever present hum of traffic as well as the general noise and activity of others in the communities in which we live.

This week I read a memoir of a Japanese man who decided to make doing nothing his purpose in life (scroll down for details). It's an interesting concept and it's astonishing the things he's asked to do for others in taking on this role. 

There are clearly elements of performance by the people who approach him as well as the roles he undertakes, and indicative of the Japanese way of life, but it's fascinating how people want someone to be alongside them, not doing anything, just being there.

After a busy few weeks, I decided to take a couple of days away doing nothing. With good weather, rural surroundings and no commitments, I'm looking forward to seeing if I'll rise to the task. The trouble is, though I may not do any actual work, there are still exciting new books I want to read. And that leads to ideas for articles, events and reviews. Perhaps if I resist, focus solely on my environment, the people I meet and the moment that I'm in, and nothing else, I really will return refreshed and reinvigorated. I'll let you know if I can manage it!

Thank you for reading.