This week I took one of the longest journeys I've made in a while, driving to a small village near Huntingdon. Not so far, you may say. In fact the trip ended up much longer than it should have done. The roads had changed, others had adopted new names, and others were closed. I'll spare you the details but let's just say I resolved next time to have a map to hand.

I'm not alone in wanting this 'back up', I think. Many people have been visiting the bookshop recently for a new road atlas (because garages no longer sell them apparently!). Despite the wonders of SatNav (most of the time) many of us like to get a bigger picture, to have an impression of where we've come from and where we're going, and all the places in between.

Flying above Suffolk for many years, Adrian Bleese has a better perspective of the landscape than most, noting the changes in the countryside, the housing and industrial development... and alterations to the road network. Scroll down to find out more about his work as a civilian air observer in his entertaining and enlightening new memoir 'Above the Law'.

But it's that time already - we're looking at the end of the month again. If you're planning on joining the book group discussion on Monday 26 July, please reply to this email and I'll send you the details for logging on to the Zoom meeting. This month's book is 'We, the Survivors'. If you've read it but can't come along, feel free to email me your comments and I'll share these with the group on your behalf. We're still unable to meet in person but hope soon to find a suitable venue.

However, there is a 'real life' book event taking place at The Cut in Halesworth next Sunday, 25 July. Conversation at The Cut in Halesworth features the novelist Esther Freud. She will be in person, with me, on stage, talking about her latest book 'I Couldn't Love You More'. Esther is fascinating to hear speak about the inspiration for this book from her personal story, and the research she undertook, as well as her writing career as a whole. Scroll down for more details.

I know it's going to take a while for us to feel comfortable about many of the things we used to take for granted but if you would like to see Esther, The Cut is managing these events very well. Tickets are free but due to space limitations, it's best to reserve your place in good time.

It's all change tomorrow, though, isn't it. While the government withdraws its legal requirements regarding Covid restrictions, individual businesses are making their own policies in keeping staff and customers safe. Bookshops, for example, have, in the main, decided to encourage people to continue wearing masks as they browse the shelves. Get an update from Browsers Bookshop by signing up to the newsletter here or go to the website here.

Thank you for reading.