Here we are in another Bank Holiday weekend. This month they've been rather commonplace but I hope you have something nice planned and are able to make the most of the lovely weather.

As I am freelance, I don't really take much time out from working (or my work-life balance is one big holiday, depending on your perspective!), but I have scheduled some concerted reading activity tomorrow, hopefully in a sunny spot outside.

This reading may still be considered 'research' as I'm currently immersed in the memoirs and novels of The Reverend Richard Coles ahead of his visit next month. But it's no hardship as you'll see from the recommendation below.

Tickets are going well for Rev Coles' lunchtime event at the Riverside on Wednesday 21 June. I hope you'll be able to join us. If you take a look at Richard's commitments over the next few months with both a national book tour and a one man show in the autumn, we're very lucky to have him come to town! 

Thank you for reading.